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“Streamline always produces very creative, professional work at a reasonable price. They make my life easier!”
Michele Freeman, Marketing Manager, Bostik NZ

We love design. And we’re passionate about books. Technology has rapidly changed the face of our industry, and continues to do so with gusto. We know that we all have to be nimble to keep pace with the digital revolution. But regardless of what the software engineers can come up with next, the best programs and the fastest computers are only tools for the creative mind to work with.

Design is one discipline that has resisted franchising, and for good reason. How can creativity be replicated? We believe that the creative impulse thrives in small groups and networks of individuals who share a commitment to excellence and innovation. The Streamline team is excited about the communication of ideas in fresh, appealing and interesting new ways that both reflect and anticipate our changing world.

In the business environment, design not only has to look great, it has to work effectively to build and sell a brand, promote a company or organisation, communicate a thought or concept, and create an emotional connection.

We’re dedicated to creating first-class print and publication work and our track record shows this. The Streamline team is a blend of experience and fresh talent, a dynamic (and sometimes potent) mix that consistently delivers excellent results, for our stable of long-term clients.

Please feel free to contact us, or simply drop into our Parnell studio. We will be happy to discuss your design and publishing requirements in more detail.


A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.
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    It’s never been easy for an unpublished writer to succeed in having a book accepted for publication. How much more so now, with publishers retrenching, restructuring or shutting down? Recently in New Zealand these changes have impacted on some...
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  • Laurel Halo
    Here at Streamline, we celebrate the fact that our creative talents extend to more than simply design, in fact we actively encourage it. Our continuing passions for music, literature and social trend lead us often down other paths of...
    2nd October 2013
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    I have always been a big fan of David Byrne and his musical prowess, of course Talking Heads (or pretty much any collaboration with Eno) are still very much part of my listening vocab. Therefore it was with no...
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    User Experience (UX) design on the web, talk about a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. Punch ‘UX Design’ into Google and you get over 28 million results! It’s because of this broad understanding that a lot of...
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    What an exciting and intriguing process it has been over the last 20 years, as we have watched technology seamlessly change, shape (and often wrestle with) the way we live. When I recently visited the outstanding “Who Shot Rock...
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    It’s a question that rears its head every now and again, often the topic of conversation over a cold one at the end of the day. What is interesting is that pretty much everyone who has used Google for...
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  • Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 3.04.10 PM
    Great information design is always a good find, especially those that fall into both the ‘informative’ and ‘beautifully executed’ category. I came across this brilliant Space Race whilst exploring the BBC Future site, which (by the way) is always...
    21st January 2013 http://www.bbc.com/future
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    Late last week, while browsing the Internet looking for the latest and greatest thing I stumbled upon an article that stuck with me. It was a story of two copywriters. The full article is available here. The story helps...
  • Imperial destroyers
    I have always been a big fan of the poster art of the 1930s-50s. There is something quintessentially timeless about them. From the mid-century American explosion in Polynesian Kitsch Pop culture or Tiki Culture, coupled with ever increasing affordability...
    14th January 2013 afronator.imgur.com
    Watch PIXELS Close encounters of a pixel kind! This piece will always be one of my favourites due to the combination of footage with animated 3D models. The story progresses nicely as the pixels slowly turn the city into...
    19th December 2012 www.onemoreproduction.com


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